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Published: 27th June 2012
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Property inventory software iAssist launches v4 release

– so what’s the chatter about?

We believe in casting a critical eye over your product frequently, listening to your customers – and

building on your past success. At iAssist we’ve always done that but this latest version is probably

the biggest single step forward the product has taken since its first release.

Why? Well we’ve pushed up photo capturing speed and enabled customers to take full advantage of

the brand new Dell Latitude ST photo capture options, (so unless you want to spend time assigning

photographs to items descriptions and comments back in the office this should well and truly be a

thing of the past), we’ve given the home-screen a make-over with added feeds and resources and

we’ve created an extremely useful quick start console for the template manager (so you can get the
look you’re looking for fast).

But besides these improvements and numerous other new performance-boosting features:- we’ve

extended our Dragon Naturally Speaking dedicated command set for the latest and greatest DNS v11.5.

iAssist v4 can and will create and auto format your reports effortlessly and reliably as you speak!

Voice recognition has come a long way in the last few years, as the makers of Dragon Naturally

Speaking would be the first to admit. And Dragon’s integration into iAssist has been road tested so it

is robust, intuitive and easy. But we know that the only way you’d know that for to try it.

That’s why we are prepared to supply you with a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium

worth £112.00+VAT for FREE - with your next purchase of 150 credits
(click here to enquire)

And whats more...

DNS speech recognition software can also be used in fluid combination with our intelligent

touchscreen text entry methods, such as one touch selection of customised stored phrases, pop up

and handwriting recognition - all of which allow you to produce a high quality property
inventory report
in much less time than traditional methods.

Voice recognition integration:

Most people consider that the fastest way in and out of a property is using dictation. However the

catch when using dictation rather than Inventory Software has always been increased administration

and cost off site – as the work needs typing up, formatting and photographs need to be integrated off site.

Until now that is. Because technology is changing and voice recognition has come into its own – so

with the latest pairing of iAssist (v4) and Dragon Naturally Speaking (V11.5) we are confident that

you can auto format and complete your reports reliably on site using speech recognition – and thus

produce fully formatted reports in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.

Moreover while iAssist seamlessly and reliably integrates spoken descriptions and comments into

any report – that’s not all – using a handful of simple and very easy to learn speech commands you

can also navigate from room to room or item to item, and add new items without so much as a click!

Meanwhile your trusty stored phrases and direct handwriting options are constantly available so

they can be mixed in with your dictation at any time!

In other words now iAssist can offer you the strengths of both dictation and on site report

formatting with photograph integration. It is simply the smartest, most evolved solution of its kind.

However we know that the only way you’d know that for to try it.

That’s why we are prepared to supply you with a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium

worth £149.99 for FREE - with your next purchase of 200 credits. To order your free copy of

Dragon Naturally Speaking call 0208 308 3550
- now that’s no decision at all.

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